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                Burak is an NYC-Based Award-Winning Director I Cinematographer I Photographer

Specializes in capturing authentic-looking headshots as well as Couple Photos, Surprise Proposals, Engagements, and Weddings.

Hello Everyone!

This is Burak Tatar 

My Goal is to capture the "Real You" so that when you show up to an audition, you look and feel just like your photo appears to be. As a Director myself, I have seen hundreds of perfect photos that didn’t look like the actual person when they were auditioning. This is a waste of time for both the actor as well as the casting department. I want you to be able to show up to your audition with confidence in your skill set and not rely on heavily touched, altered photos. I provide you with a safe space to be yourself, and I capture the moment you will be proud of, and don’t forget to have fun!

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